Forced Resettlement and the Creation of Diasporas and Refugees

The correlation between forced migration, ethnicity and the return resettlement remains unexplored by the scholars. However, certain Empires and other ancient states had preferential policies that facilitated the eviction of co-ethnics (Ho, 2013). It was a common practice in Assyria and China to pave way for more lands for agriculture. Often, the co-ethnic communities were intentionally labeled as refugees and returnees. In Ancient China for instance, there were metaphors regarding the extraterritorial kinship that enjoyed the privileges of the authorities. Conversely, following their cultural exclusiveness, the co-ethnics faced the socio-spatial exclusion in the eyes of the rulers (Ho, 2013). As a consequence, the displaced groups face myriads of challenges including generational realignments, geopolitical impacts, and health risks especially due to poor living conditions.  In essence, these interventions have resulted in gross violation of human rights and undermining the presence of the minority groups.